Stress Less Yoga

There is no doubt that we all have stress in our lives. Some stress is good–the stress of finishing a project, or planting a garden, or raising a child. But the ongoing, daily stress of traffic, and workplace drama, and health concerns and family conflicts can leave us exhausted and somewhat hopeless about the future. Adding a yoga class to an already packed schedule may be the last thing you want to do. My suggestion is to try it for one week, see how you feel, then decide if yoga is something that will bring balance and peace to your life.

Some yoga classes focus primarily on the physical poses, or asanas. In most cases, this is beneficial, on a physical level. Exercise is good. No doubt. However, yoga can be so much more. The word yoga means union. I translate this as union between body, mind and spirit. In these “stress less” classes, we work through the poses to find inner strength and deeper awareness. We learn how to hold a pose with gentleness and grace.

Ultimately, yoga becomes a companion on our journey to self-awareness. Our yoga mats become sacred space when we allow ourselves to simply be where we are, without judgment or expectation. We learn to go with the flow of life, good, bad or in between.

In these classes you will learn the basics of a safe yoga practice, including foundational movements/poses, brief meditations, structured breathing exercises, and some eastern philosophy. All classes are offered in a trauma-informed, student-centered way and are designed to leave you feeling energized and relaxed. You will build physical strength, flexibility and balance while becoming more confident and emotionally settled.

Your first class is free. After that the cost is affordable. Depending on location and individual or group needs, cost can range between $8-25 per class. General classes are on the lower side of that range. Private and specialty classes on the higher side. (For more information please call Theresa: 707-460-0167)

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