Small Group and Private Yoga

Ever thought you might benefit from a yoga practice, but just weren’t comfortable in a big gym or studio based class? Yoga can be modified to accommodate most of us, and with my background in person-centered, trauma-informed psychology, I have become skilled at adapting a basic yoga practice to meet the needs of just about anyone.

Currently, I offer special classes focused on healing insomnia, mood management, addiction recovery and trauma. I have been trained in all of these modalities and have worked with students with each of these difficulties for many years. It is my sincere hope that you will give yourself permission to try yoga as a way to heal yourself from the inside out. Descriptions and costs follow.

Class Descriptions

Sleep Like a Baby—Having trouble sleeping? Even if it’s only now and then, losing sleep once a week can put you into sleep deficit and will eventually affect your overall health. We all know this, yet we tend to “push on” so that we can fulfill our daily obligations. Learn to relax your mind and your body so you can experience better sleep. Create “sleep hygiene”— healthy habits to help you manage your time and energy and ease into sleep. Each class will focus on gentle yoga poses, brief meditations and positive affirmations, and will include an introduction to Yoga Nidra, or the yoga of sleep.

Calm Mind, Calm Body–Anxiety and Depression are rampant in the Western world. Whether you have been diagnosed or not, you have most likely experienced periods of anxiety and/or depression. If ignored, these “mood swings” can become chronic and part of your every day reality. This is not a normal healthy state of being. Yoga has been proven effective for both anxiety and depression. In a small group setting, we will learn to use the breath, sound and movement to bring balance to our minds, bodies and spirits. This is a blend of chair yoga and “mat” yoga designed with beginners in mind.

Mindful Yoga to Manage Addictions–We all have habits, some healthy, some not. If you have been captured by your own habits and feel the grip of addiction staring at you, this class could help you break free. In many studies, yoga has been shown to help with Addiction Recovery. Based on current techniques for recovery, we will learn to listen to the quiet messages our bodies send us, and take control of our thoughts so that we can achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gentle Yoga, meditation and some group interaction will create a safe space to explore simple techniques for building a life of peace and balance. 

Cost: $60/session–4 people–$15/each, 3 people–$20/each, 2 people–$30/each, 1 person–$60.

Balancing Brain Waves: Yoga plus Neurofeedback–Our brains operate with electricity, moving like waves on a lake, sometimes steady and predictable, other times, stormy and unmanageable. The combination of gentle yoga and neurofeedback is an excellent way to bring awareness to your own personal “lake of energy,” and learn to calm the waters of life. By monitoring your brain waves with neurofeedback both before and after yoga sessions, you will learn how to better manage your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. This class is designed around the needs of each participant. Individual sessions only. $75.

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