Expressive Arts for Healing

Based on the work of Natalie Rogers, (The Creative Connection) person-centered expressive arts provides a unique opportunity to explore our inner worlds without the pressure of performing. At the core of this process is non-judging, of others, or of ourselves. It is the process that heals. It is the sense of safety and acceptance that provides a foundation for the freedom to express.

Every session will include gentle movement like yoga, qigong or walking meditation. Other times the movement will be more expressive and dance-like, in response to carefully chosen music. Sometimes we will choose silent “posing” as an expression of mood or non-verbal communication. Journaling, collage, paint, pastels, clay and three dimensional work may also be offered. This is a free-flowing, creative process that is only limited by your imagination. No art, dance, or yoga experience is necessary, as all sessions are designed according to group needs and abilities.

Each session is designed around a theme like “self-care,” “finding my true path” or “healthy communication.” These are 3-4 hour workshops, generally on a weekend, and require at least 4-6 participants. This is a great team-building process for any type of business or group. Come with me and let us journey together on a quest for deeper self-awareness and internal peace.

Illuminated Mandala

I am a certified Person-centered Expressive Arts Facilitator with a Master’s degree in Humanistic Psychology. My strengths are in writing, yoga, collage and mosaic, as well as in gardening and free-form drumming. Until I experienced expressive arts, I thought I could never be an artist. Now I know, we are all artists. We just need the space and permission to open the creative doors to our inner selves.

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