About Us

Samuel Scovill, M.A., is a Neurofeedback/Biofeedback practitioner with over 40 years  experience in the mental health field.  

 Sam was trained initially in Neurofeedback by Stens Biofeedback Corporation from 2004-2008 successfully completing five one week training sessions in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Sam attended three National AAPB (Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback) conferences with additional training sessions in Neurofeedback and the Autonomic Nervous System and Polyvagal Nervous System Stress Reduction. Sam received training from Donald Moss, Ph.D past president of AAPB and editor for peer reviewed Biofeedback Journal, Stephen Porges, Ph.D on the Polyvagal nervous system, and Van Der Kolk, MD on Trauma and PTSD. Sam was a certified Addictions Therapist and Marriage and Family Therapist for forty years with private practice in South Carolina and California, and was a licensed Mental Health Facility and Program Administrator in California managing mental health facilities and programs for people with severe and chronic schizophrenia, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, and children with severe trauma and resulting mental illness.

Theresa  Scovill, M.A., RYT, is a certified yoga instructor and expressive arts facilitator with 25 years experience in the mind/body/fitness field. 

Yoga background and style:

I am a certified yoga teacher with specialities in Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Yoga for Addiction Recovery, and Trauma-Informed Yoga for PTSD. I enjoy teaching beginner level classes and have recently found a niche in the Yoga for Seniors population. In my classes you will be treated with respect and dignity and will be encouraged to work at your own pace. I consider Yoga the ultimate road to self-awareness. 

I began my career in the fitness field in 1984 as an exercise instructor at Chesapeake General Hospital. This was one of the first in-hospital exercise programs in Virginia. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it. Two decades later I took my first yoga class as an elective in graduate school. After that class I knew beyond any doubt that I would “do yoga” for the rest of my life. While still in graduate school I began teaching and became certified in 2010. The journey has been long and interesting, with each turn strengthening my commitment to a yogic lifestyle.

From 2004-2011, as part of a non-profit for people with developmental disabilities and substance abuse issues, I operated a yoga studio in Northern California. At The Healing Arts Center, we provided mindfulness-based classes for our clients and for the general public. While there, I realized I had found my calling. Sharing yoga, meditation, tai chi and qigong with this small, isolated town felt right, so I continued to learn and teach.

After traveling across the country for two years, my husband and I settled here, in Williamsburg, VA. Beginning in 2014 I worked as a Therapist at Eastern State Hospital. While there I developed and maintained a yoga program for patients and staff. Recently my husband and I started Mind, Body, Spirit Connections as a way to share our combined skills and experiences.

Person-Centered Expressive Arts background:

At the same time that I was pursuing my yoga certification, and managing our non-profit, I was also working on a Master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Person-Centered Expressive Arts. These two fields converged nicely for me—yoga provided a physical and spiritual foundation for the variety of creative practices in Expressive Arts, and Expressive Arts gave me the confidence to be creative in all parts of my life. My mentor was Natalie Rogers, a leader in the field of Person-Centered Expressive Arts. She was a gift to us all and managed to spread her kind, creative spirit around the world. (Please see the page on expressive arts for more information.)

I continue to learn more about yoga and expressive arts, and plan to continue sharing what I know with others so they might also find deeper self-awareness and peace. 


Both Sam and Theresa specialize in providing treatment for addiction recovery, anxiety, depression, and client-centered, trauma-informed care.