Awakening the Wise Woman

What happens to us after we turn fifty? or sixty? or seventy? Do we become more or less of the women we have learned to be? Does being a “crone” mean fading into the background and watching the world turn around us? Not necessarily.

In classical mythology older women (crones) were revered as the keepers of wisdom, knowledge, and resilience. This series of workshops is inspired by the idea that older women have gifts and abilities that are only attainable through experience. When we know what we know, and know what we don’t know, that is wisdom.

In these brief workshops we will explore the often ignored realities of wise women. We are all wise in our own way, yet we still need encouragement, and role models. You will name at least one older woman—from history, mythology or real life—who inspires you. And this woman will be your guide toward a more fulfilling experience as a wise woman yourself. 

Possible activities to be decided upon as a group: stories and readings from wise women, guided meditation, gentle movement, journaling, storytelling, collage making, other forms of expression that you choose.

Five Saturdays in January 2021

9-11:00 a.m, online via zoom

Cost: $10 session or $40 for all five

Contact Theresa Scovill for more information or to register., 707-460-0167

By tkscovill

This began with a huge life change then turned into a long life adventure, literally on the road, to what I hoped would be a simpler life. I have "arrived" many times, seen, felt and appreciated countless simple moments and events, and come to realize that simplicity is not a destination, but a way of living.

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