Making Connections

From the moment when I first stepped onto a yoga mat I knew I had found my path. The most profound, yet simple, lesson I learned in that college yoga class was how to breathe. Not just the science of how to breathe, but the awareness of how to breathe. I would park far away from the university so I could walk down a path through the woods and beside the duck pond, each step coordinated with either an inhale or an exhale. I took my time getting to class. I was learning HOW to breathe.

Several years later, as a yoga teacher and studio owner, I zeroed in on the theme of mind-body-spirit connection. Intuitively, I always knew these “parts” were intricately connected. I felt it in my bones and in my soul. My first newsletter was called “Mind, Body, Spirit Connections.”

Today, several more years later, my husband and I have come full circle, back to this theme. He has spent the last two decades learning and practicing neurofeedback, while I have continued my yoga training and teaching practice. I have always known that we could “do this together.”

So, here we are, on a new but familiar path, doing what we love and believe in. Along the way life gives us hints and signals and when we finally listen, really listen, we see that what we have been looking for was right there all along. Please join us on our continued journey.

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We look forward to “connecting” with you soon!

By tkscovill

This began with a huge life change then turned into a long life adventure, literally on the road, to what I hoped would be a simpler life. I have "arrived" many times, seen, felt and appreciated countless simple moments and events, and come to realize that simplicity is not a destination, but a way of living.

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